Friday, June 19, 2015

no-waste, quick and precise flying geese

I found this tutorial by Lauren Palmer of Olive Tree Textiles via Pinterest. I'll let you look over there if you want the details.

It has transformed how I'll do flying geese from now on.

We came home after dinner with Lesley and her family, and I worked another hour out of sheer pleasure.

Really, if it weren't for preparations for Father's Day tomorrow taking priority, I would finish this top tomorrow.

I've always loved purple and red together. I like how the various shades of blue add a little punch.

The sweet bird fabric by Stella is covering a gift quilt on the design board I'm piecing for someone who is coming Sunday. :)


  1. Pretty colors on this, Ruth. I like what you have done so far!

  2. This has always looked to me like magical slight of hand, so I've never tried it.
    The size of the large square determines the size if the flying goose? Specifically, the width of the goose base?
    Are the small squares half the size if the large one?

    1. You know, Smazoochie, I did not vary from what Lauren did in hers, which was to create a 7 1/4" larger square and 3 7/8" smaller square. I could have studied the math and created my own sizes, but this worked well and is a good size finished flying geese for me. This method is brilliant, so easy, and so fun. In the past, my geese were always just a wee bit off, unless I pieced by hand. This is far more precise. I had planned just to try it out. But then I was hooked and kept going. :)