Sunday, April 26, 2015

totem quilt finished

This quilt has been on the down low because it's a surprise for someone's birthday. Since I don't think that "someone" will come here, I think it's safe to post this. I simply need the satisfaction of posting photos now that it's done.

I did not know about "totem" quilts until seeing one recently. Simple, right? The pieced parts are down the middle, like a totem pole.

It's a lap quilt, and the back is flannel. Cozy for Michigan winters!

As always, I used lots of fabrics. I just can't help myself, though "sugar sand" was an attempt at a more minimal design.

I did choose a simple tan linen for the sides. Not sure I would use such a lightweight linen again, because it snags. I like how it puckers, though.

This section of the quilt was pieced first. I was designing a pillow for this same recipient, but I felt it was too much for her space. I couldn't abandon it and eventually built this totem from it.

I used the same oriental toile linen in some of the pieces for the binding. The tan is the perfect shade to match the side panels.

For the quilting on the side panels, I imitated the swirling pattern of the black fabric with white dots.

I was with my stash sister, Nancy, on the weekend, because of the baby shower for the mother-to-be who received "sugar sand" — Nancy's granddaughter. Nancy gave me more fabric!

She also gave me these hankies. I had just been thinking I wanted to stop using boxed tissues, because I use so many for my nose that never stops. So here goes using hankies again! Haven't done that since I was a little girl. It takes some getting used to.


  1. Ruth, this is great! I've never heard of a totem quilt before but I love the concept. And lap quilts are indeed, just the best!

  2. Someone is going to be a very happy camper, Sister, and I can hardly wait to see who! (You are going to tell us eventually, right?)

    And hankies? Well, that's definitely an idea. Good for you.

    1. Boots, it was Lesley! And she loves it.

      It is taking just a bit to get used to the texture of hankies, but for one who uses a lot of tissues, this feels more earth-friendly.

  3. I'm in love with your latest quilt -- it is such an inspiration!
    I have so many hankies, but cannot bring myself to use them -- at least for their intended purpose.
    Now patchwork, that is another story.