Monday, September 15, 2014

Genevieve's pieced block finished

Here once again is the old pieced piece,
which Genevieve's great grandmother may have sewn
along with scraps from her stash,
before I finished the block, below.

Here is the finished block after I added the green print
in the bottom left corner, the salt and pepper print,
the black musician and dancer print (top),
and blue & white gingham (upper left),
all from Genevieve's Great Grandma Helen's stash.
I also added hot pink paisley
from my own fabric stash to the upper right side.
How great is it to see improv quilting from the '40s or '50s?
Then I added white and black floral fabric from a thrift store skirt,
and a lime green border. For the purpose of the photo,
I laid it on a lively Michael Miller print named "Courtney,"
which I will be incorporating into the back of the quilt,
along with this pieced block.

Here is the front again (with the spinning wheel cutting off the lower left corner.)
I don't know what the spot of light in the lime green is, just in the photo,
as it's not in the fabric. I'm guessing it's a reflection from the mirror behind it.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Jeanie! I can hardly wait to start quilting and see it all come together. But piecing the back is going to be fun, too.

  2. Holy Smokes, in you're smokin' hot. You go, Girl. :)

    1. Boots, I realize that two posts in three days is smokin' hot for this blog. Hahaha! :D

      Much of what I've been working on these last weeks have been orders of items I've already made and posted here, so I haven't blogged about them. This weekend, hopefully I'll be able to finish this back and crank out some new mug mats (or wine mats as Margaret has called them: coffee in the morning, wine in the evening).