Monday, September 29, 2014

Genevieve's baby quilt

I want to document for myself (and you) the baby quilt for Genevieve — my great-niece by marriage — before sending it off in the mail to Colorado.

Genevieve's nursery is lime green and purple. I wanted those colors as highlights, with gray and white as neutrals.

Inspiration for the design came from Josef Albers' "Homage to the Square." (nice instructional video about his color theory here)

This is the closest to true colors I've been able to photograph.
The purple usually appears too blue.
The quilt measures 38" x 48"

The "back." As I posted previously, I incorporated
vintage fabric pieces from the stash of Genevieve's
great grandma Helen and partially sewn
together by her. I finished the center block
with her fabrics and one of my own
(hot pink paisley).
The rest of the front and back
are fabrics I bought, with the exception
of the white and green leaves and birds
in the upper right of the back.
All the fabrics besides the pieced block of vintage fabrics I purchased, except the white and green leaves with birds in the upper right corner of the "back." That fabric was given to me by my fabric philanthropist, my sister nancy.

I really don't know which is front
and which is back at this point. :)
I would design the focal block differently now.
I would not use the black and white floral border
from a thrift store skirt,
inside the lime green frame.
Rather, I would use a darker, less busy fabric,
so the focal block would pop.

I stitched straight lines going in both directions every 1 1/4".

I just love all these old fabrics!

I send this quilt to Genevieve ("Evie" — long E), with a little salt and pepper, dancing and music,  stitches from great grandma, and a heart full of love.


  1. Absolutely BRILLIANT, Ruth. Everyone who sees it is gonna love it...and what a keepsake that will last forever and ever. Amen! I'm proud of you, Sister.

    1. It makes me so happy that you follow this passion of mine, Boots. THANK YOU. ♥

      I can hardly wait to hear Lauren's response (Genevieve's mom).

  2. We're always harder on ourselves, aren't we, "should have dones" -- but from where I sit, I'm not sure I would change a single panel or stitch. It's absolutely beautiful, Ruth. I love the colors -- they are so happy! And the personal fabrics make it all the more special. What a treasure forever!

    When we have lunch I'm bringing you some fabric that I tried to unload in my craft sale (there was a ton from others, I had small quilty bits). You can have whatever you like if there are any bits that will work. I think you could use some for mug mats or place mats. And if they don't work, no problem. I'm trying to share freebies with friends before I head to Goodwill! Hope it's soon! (Or if after-work is easier, before you head home, that usually works for me, too! Lets email!)