Friday, November 13, 2015

Holiday table runner

I've been under the weather. I was chatting with my Instagram buddy Babsy about heading for a nap while I was home sick, and she said she hoped I would be snuggled under a quilt. Funny thing is, I have only once made a quilt for us, that is, not for one of the kids. It was in Istanbul, and it got threadbare, so we don't use it now. So I was going to snuggle under a store-bought whole cloth quilt.

Babsy makes beautiful pieces for her home (like this), and she inspires me to sew more for our own place. I just seem to always be making a quilt for someone else, either for a gift, or to sell. Because I work full time, there isn't much time for other projects.

Well, getting sick is a not-so-great way to find time you don't normally have. I had this weekend all set aside to work on a quilt order for an "Andrea" quilt. (I will treat it as second in a series.) When I got sick with a sore throat, I knew I couldn't get through appointments all day with students, nor did I want to spread the illness to them. But I haven't had a fever, and I have a certain amount of energy to sew something at a slow pace. (You should see me normally, I jump up and down from sewing machine, to design board, to cutting table, to ironing board, back to machine, etc.) Who wants to just sit or lie around all day?

I had pulled out holiday fabric Nancy gave me that I absolutely love. I had no idea what to do with this old-fashioned print with scenes that look like Currier & Ives prints. I have 4-5 yards of it! After posting the photo below at Instagram, I thought about a table runner for the kitchen table in our little farmhouse. We don't have a formal dining room.

I didn't end up using any green;
it wouldn't stick!

I have been inspired by Victoria Gertenbach at Silly Boodilly ever since getting into modern quilts, and I used her table runners as inspiration. Her work is A MA ZING.

I thought I was going to use only large blocks, but that never seems to happen, no matter how hard I try. Little dots, checks, swirlies or plaids have to nudge their way in.

So there! I made something for us! When Don got home from work yesterday, he was appreciative! Now he can make toast for breakfast and look at something besides whatever is sitting on the kitchen table, because this piece inspires me to keep the table tidy. (How long will this last?)

Isn't this fabric the sweetest?
Both Babsy and another Instagrammer said they have this fabric in their stash also!


  1. oooo I love that fabric! Perfect for the holidays! I've been thinking about taking up another hobby. Is quilting hard to do?

    1. Hi, Tiffany! I don't think so. You might try a beginners class in a quilt shop near you in NJ?

    2. I'll look for one, but it may end up being in Philly ... I remember back in the day when I asked for help as far as tagging someone in a response comment ... how do you do that again hahaha I made your name bold, but I don't think you will know that I commented back unless you go there.

    3. Oh I don't know ... do you have a "notify me" box to click at this comment area?

  2. I'm WILD about the Currier and Ives print and your table runner is terrific. You are wise to create for yourself too. After all, in looking at what you complete and keep for you, there is a certain inspiration to carry you on to other projects. Maybe soon it's time to think about that quilt for yourself so that you can keep cozy if winter bugs and colds come about again!

    Hope by now you are feeling much better! If you get toward Okemos on Saturday (10-4) stop by our sale!

  3. Your table runner is charming but you need to put yourself in the queue for another quilt. Even a small one, they make up fast you know. Our winter is mild & short, but I love having mounds of quilts on hand.
    I hope you are feeling better.

  4. How FABULOUS that you were able to figure this out for YOU, Ruth! And that Don was appreciative says it all. It's gorgeous and even more so because I can close my eyes and be there to see it in my mind's eye. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! (There are so many in a row right now....)

  5. Oh how I love your gift to yourself! (Of course gifts to ourselves will one day be a gift for family or close friends, right?!) Thanks for sharing some of the quilting artists that inspire you. WOWZA...yep, Silly Bodily...omg...terrific! Hope you are on the mend!!

  6. I looked at all your latest works – you really have a keen eye for color and arrangement – I would not know which piece I like best. Your holiday table runner is very homey I think. Just looking at it on the table I’d like to come over and have a nice cup of tea and a cookie while enjoying looking at all the different colorful shapes. Snow outside would make it perfect!

  7. Hi Ruth, Your quilts are wonderful! We both do a lot of repurposing old clothes and non-truadional piecing. I will link to your blog on my blogroll. I look forward to seeing what you're making.

    Thank you for your comment on my post about the Paris attacks. And now we have another senseless tragedy in San Bernadino. Thank goodness for quilting, which IS a therapy. Couldn't find your email. Best, LeeAnn