Saturday, March 7, 2015

Portofino placemats & napkins

My great-niece is getting married in Florida soon, so we Michigan aunts are giving her a shower, for which she is flying in.

I "shopped" for fabrics to make placemats and napkins in the stash Nancy has given me from her travels in South Carolina and Michigan. The bride and groom have chosen red accents for their kitchen. Their taste is elegant and traditional.

My love affair with printed linens like this deepens. It's like a toile, but is it?

I thought it would make magnificent napkins.

And I think I was right.

We'll see if I make it with these and the chicken salad to the shower tomorrow since I came down with a hum dinger of a cold last night. Don's chicken soup (from the chicken for the salad, yes) is soothing my raw throat. In fact, he is helping with all the prep and will even drive the stuff across the state in the morning if I am not up to going.

I hope Emma has chosen as much of a winner as I did nearly 36 years ago.


  1. Ruth! I'm so glad to have found your blog but sorry to find you sick. I "know" you from Pinterest & look forward to reading what you've written & knowing you a bit better.
    I love the printed linen for the napkins.
    Be well!

    1. And Beth! Well thank you for following me here, how wonderful. I have also seen you over at Leslie Schmidt's, where I think you said you went to QuiltCon. Amazing.

      Thank you for the wishes. I feel the same today, but I'm sure I'll feel better soon. These things don't usually last long when I rarely get them.

  2. YAY for finishing these in time, Ruth! They're magnificent. Emma and Matt will absolutely love them. IF you go to the shower, please say HI to everyone. So sorry we miss these shindigs...but it is as it is. We can hoot and holler from afar...with our best Dutch expressions! If Don goes for you, may he have a day of safety and good meditation. :) I love you.

    1. Thank you so much, Boots. Yes, thankfully I finished them. It's amazing how much time each step takes. I only had to do those mitered napkin corners yesterday and finish the hem.

      I am staying home today, which I decided last night. It's good, because this morning I'm no better. Don just left to pick up the cupcakes, and he's even stopping for flowers at Horrock's! What a man. Oh, and I forgot to mention in the post that he also raised those chickens. :)

      Thank you so much for your support, dear sister.

  3. Bonsoir Ruth,
    Désolé de vous savoir malade et heureux à la fois de redécouvrir votre créativité pleine de couleurs et de vie. La chance pour vous de pouvoir vous exprimer lorsque les forces reviendront, sera votre moteur de vie. Tous les art-thérapeutes le savent et vous le diraient ( et j'en suis un à la retraite maintenant ) l'art est une des meilleures façons de se reconstruire. Gardez confiance en vous et votre santé reviendra.
    Je vous embrasse bien amicalement.


    1. Roger, thank you so much. It is very good to see you and receive your generous thoughts.