Saturday, January 24, 2015

New York inspiration

The Calmady Children, Sir Thomas Lawrence
oil on canvas, 1823
Metropolitan Museum of Art

My friend Heather and I went to New York City for a long weekend to explore museums. The Brooklyn Museum and MoMA Friday, and the Met Saturday.

I was just thrilled to find Sir Thomas Lawrence's The Calmady Children when I entered one of the galleries in the vast Met. It's the cover image of my sewing kit, inherited from my mom (blogged in the last post, about my studio)!

Another panel of my sewing kit, Degas' green dancers were nearby in another gallery.

Dancers Practicing at the Barre, 1877, Edgar Degas
mixed media on canvas
Metropolitan Museum of Art

The main event we went for was the Matisse Cut-Outs at the MoMA. I was moved beyond my ability to express it. I know that I will be inspired for a long time by his simple graphic use of color and design. Because the Met didn't allow photographs to be taken of pieces they don't own, I don't have my own images. I'll share a couple from their site so you can view more if you want to explore.

This is my phone pic of a Matisse painting from the MoMA's permanent collection.
Dance, oil, 1910
I bought the catalog of the exhibit and have begun reading the stories behind the cut-outs and the exhibition.

Unfortunately, the book was in my carry-on bag, which stood on the baggage cart in the rain for some time. I think I may need to invest in a water-proof carry-on.


  1. So sorry about the rain damage, Ruthie, but that's sure one way to never forget that day! You know I am thrilled beyond words for you that you had this experience. I would have been exhausted, to the limit. Did it all start running together for you, I wonder? Or was your brain doing a good job of computing it all?! I hope the latter. What a nice way to start off 2015. :)

    1. Heather and I deliberately structured our two days so that we would not be overwhelmed or exhausted, so that things would not run together. We limited what we explored a lot. That said, we did get exhausted, mostly from all the walking, both getting around and in the museums. But we were also exhilarated! One of the best decisions we made was to follow a guided tour with a volunteer at the Met. Each volunteer who does this chooses her/his own highlights. In one hour we saw maybe six pieces, and we learned so much! We saw things we probably would not have, and we loved it!

  2. Ugh. I'm so, SO sorry about your carry-on and the book. It's such a treasure. Check out the CBS Sunday Morning video of the Matisse -- It made me wish I could hope a plan right away!

    1. Thank you again, Jeanie, for recommending that piece. I just listened and watched here. I got so much from it! I especially loved hearing and seeing Paul Matisse talk about his experience with his grandfather!