Sunday, June 8, 2014

placemats, napkins and a mug mat

Life has been happening! But I've made a few gifts. This is good for practice in design and craft.

Next weekend I will go to a dune by Lake Michigan with friends. I sewed gifts for each of the three ladies. A dress for the one whose birthday we are celebrating, which I won't show here. A set of four placemats and napkins for the hostess. And a mug mat for our friend from Minnesota.

The hostess loves blue and yellow.

All summer she stays at her house on the dune and sleeps on the screened in porch under pines. Her dining table is also on the porch. I think these will be cheery.

I enjoy sewing mitered napkin corners.

And for our friend visiting from Minnesota, a mug mat.


  1. O.M.G., Ruth. I want one of these placemat sets (I can say that because I know you're making a set for my birthday). :D YAY. I can see why you're so enthused and energized by these projects.

  2. You do THIS, too? Honestly, I am amazed and delighted -- that blue and yellow makes me smile. So Provencal! (I'm sure my ex-colleagues at work would think of a less lovely association with those colors, but I really don't care!) So glad you are getting away to enjoy -- and that I found a new spot for you!